What Fools These Mortals Be

from by The Overdark Project



Who do you think I am?
A fucking coward laid to waste by the fear of the of your word?
Pathetic, craven, an unseer of hope?
Bound by doubt, a running joke?
Stare into this vessel of hate
Let it burn your misjudgement away
My self containment was confused with timidity
And now control has been stripped by provocation, a declaration of war

What, what fools these mortals be
Shall I tear down the masks for all to see?
Look, look at the beast stood before you
The seeds are sewn, the future is bleak
(the future is bleak, the angels weep)

I will drag you whole
Into the depths of my condition
For a coward I am not

No hope
No peace
Cast down to Tartaros
Rot for eternity
Buried under walls forged from iron and bronze
Lost now to memory
Return back to serenity
Your face is forgotten
And my malice reset

I will drag you whole
To the depths of my condition
Torn and raped by the fear of my mind
For a coward you are

What fools these mortals be.


from Until My Lungs Collapse, released November 23, 2015



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Part time bedroom artist.

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